To say Heather felt called to serve new and expectant families in her community would be quite the understatement. It was almost unusual as a young woman for you to NOT see her with someone else’s baby or kids in her arms, to give those parents a break and to cuddle and play with some super cute kiddos. However, what Heather didn’t realize is exactly how that calling and career would take shape two decades later. From the moment she finished her CAPPA doula training in 2015, she was bitten hard by the birth bug! She hit the ground running hard and fast, establishing and running a collective of birth care professionals based in Toronto and the GTA, building on a dream she envisioned on the very first day of her doula training.

Director of Marketing & Public Relations of the A.O.D. (2018-2020)
If you were to ask her what she feels her life purpose is, she would say that it is to motivate others to find and live out their own true purpose with strength, vulnerability and courage!
When she is not working as a board member or doula, she finds her self-care cup filled by many hobbies, but mostly by the time spent with her husband and 3 children as well as with family members and friends.