Heather Dolimont

Marketing & PR


Heather was called to birth support work after her second baby was born and she discovered that with the help of the right kind of healthcare support team, and those who sought to help her realize her own potential during both birth and postpartum, that a woman can do absolutely incredible things.

It catapulted her into the world of birth when she discovered that she was one of the minority of women who experienced an empowering, well supported birth experience. She couldn’t accept the fact that trauma, abuse of power, and even birth rape, was happening to birthing women all over. And on top of that, that this was considered to be the “norm”! So she decided she was going to do something about it. And that path led her to studying and completing her training in becoming a birth and postpartum doula through the CAPPA Association in 2014. Throughout her continued education, and through extensive work with myriads of clients since then, she has created an incredible vision of what the “village” should be like for all women who are expecting or have just had babies. The birth of her own business ‘baby’ occurred and took the form of Mums & Tums Canada, one of Canada’s leading experts in fertility, birth and postpartum support. They are breaking new ground by working on finally bridging the gap between healthcare providers and birth support workers like Doulas, by opening a shared facility that will offer everything you could possibly dream of or need for your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journeys! She hopes to have the facility opening in the fall of 2019.

As a parent of 3 young children herself, it is not lost on Heather just how difficult it still is to be a mother in this day and age. And through her education and personal experience, she aims to do what very few parenting experts do. To build up and inspire confidence and self-love in each and every parent, mother or father. She believes in her heart that no parent should be left behind because they are doing the single most important job in this world. Raising the next generation. Through evidence-based information, emotional support and in cases where she is a doula for a family, physical comfort and support, she has seen wonderful and miraculous things happen when a parent feels empowered instead of scared throughout their journey.

Heather also serves on the board of the Association of Ontario Doulas, and continues to further her own education at every opportunity she has.