Stephanie Alouche


Stephanie Alouche


Stephanie has provided birth and postpartum Doula support to growing families in the GTA since 1996. 

Being a seeker of many viewpoints she has trained with both CAPPA and DONA, traveled through the Netherlands with Barbara Harper of Waterbirth International, and keeps her finger on the pulse of local advocacy groups. Of course, DoulaCARE/AOD and the roles she has held here have been a cornerstone of her personal work. 

Currently she provides private in-home breastfeeding support to new families in addition to her Year One parent mentor program. She is the proud mother of 4 wildly engaging children all of whom came into the world by a wide variety of circumstances.  As a result, she developed a passion for healthy birthing practices and evidence based education.  Stephanie strives to help families navigate decision making in regards to Primary Cesarean Prevention, VBAC, as well as respectful family-centered Cesarean Birth. 

If you’re looking for a little education and a lot of real talk about life as a doula in Toronto you can hear Stephanie weekly on her Podcast The Pragmatic Doulas. Along with our Certification Director Kimberley Healey-Fernandez and AOD Member Suzanne Lim, no doula topic is left off the table.