Victoria Nicholas

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Victoria Nicholas or fondly known as “Torrie” is the nourishing doula, founder and owner of Victorian Wellness Doula Care in the Kitchener- Waterloo region. 
Victoria completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Brock University in 2007. After university, Victoria pursued a career in the corporate world of commerical insurance and spent 10 years working as a commercial underwriter and managed, a family owned insurance brokerage.
In 2010 Victoria decided to take a break from the corporate world of insurance and travel abroad where she taught kindergarten in South Korea.
After a series of very difficult life events that unfolded, Victoria found herself in a place where self-care, the understanding of her past, unhealthy family dynamics, and her mental health, and physical well being became a forefront in her life. With the emotional, mental and nutritional wellness journey that unfolded, she found herself drawn to birth work, nurturing and supporting families.
Victoria began Doula training in 2014 and during this same year began working in funeral services, serving families in times of grief and loss.  She has supported many families over the years with birth & postpartum support as well supported families during times of loss. She is a very passionate and nurturing doula. Bringing extensive knowledge of nutrition, fitness, mental and emotional care needed during a very transformational time of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenthood. Victoria is also a placenta specialist trained by IPPA. She has a deep respect for aromatherapy, essential oils and herbs. In addition, Victoria hosts baby-wearing meet-ups in her region, as well works at a women’s shelter as in house doula support. Victoria’s passion is to nurture new families so they feel confidant going forward into parenthood and to teach families new ways to better care for one’s self and family in pregnancy and the postpartum period.