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Past Partnering Organizations Worth Considering

These organizations have a long history of working alongside the Association of Ontario Doulas.  These trainings and certifications have met the AOD membership criteria, in both the past and in the present. We believe you will find the highest of professional standards and learning in these organizations:

Please click on the link below to go to the website of each training organization directly. We encourage you to get more information before deciding which course is right for you.

Association of Ontario Doulas is not affiliated with any organization listed and we do not receive any commissions for referrals.  You may find the perfect training or organization for you in a option not listed here.  Please review our Membership Criteria prior to registering with a training organization if you plan to become an AOD member.

Birth Arts International

CAPPA Canada (not including online training)

DONA International

Doula Training Canada


Pacific Rim College