Lana Kevic

Services Offered: Postpartum Doula

Lana is the eldest and the most junior of the Doulas on Bikes team. But she comes with some very early doula-type experience dating back to when she was 10 years-old and Mom gave birth to Mira.

“At that age, I was excited to have a baby sister. But I also remembering going into a kind of shock around how our lives turned upside down. In our household, we were all pitching in, kids too from an early age. So it was no different here. Mom was self-employed was back to work right upon her return from the hospital. And I was changing diapers and soothing a crying baby a lot of the time.”

As a post-partum doula, Lana offers grounding and direction for new parents as they navigate this important transitional time from providing emotional support and comfort, to pitching in with physical tasks to providing guidance and information.

In addition to her doula work, Lana also hosts regular women’s circles, offers womb healing, teaches yoga, and is a writer.