Nature’s Heartbeet – R.H.N, Doula, Pre&Postnatal Yoga

Company Name: Nature's Heartbeet

Hospitals Served: Almonte Hospital, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa Hospital, Queensway Carleton, The Birth Centre Ottawa

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula


Welcome to Nature’s Heartbeet!

Hi I’m Désirée Nieto, R.H.N, Doula and Pre/Postnatal yoga teacher. In my practice, I offer single and integrated services. Regardless of whether the client wants to have one service or a package, my approach is always wholistic so I care for my clients’ body, mind and spirit, with kindness and free of judgement.

Fertility Support Practitioner

In my fertility doula service, I support people looking for knowledge on their menstrual cycle, specific ovarian conditions and how to manage them, education on contraception methods, assistance conceiving or preparing the body for a healthy pregnancy, and information on conception beyond the natural approach (IVF, IUI, etc).

Birth Doula

While preparing for your birth, I will work closely with your midwife or health care provider to ensure that they can perform important medical checks and tasks while I bring you comfort physically, mentally and emotionally, but doula work does not stop there. As your doula, I will advocate for you and make sure that your needs and wishes are being heard by medical professionals, and that you are always provided with all the information needed d to make rational decisions at such a distressing time. A birth package includes an initial consultation in your home to talk about your birth preferences and make plans as well as assessing your general well-being and needs. In the 2nd consultation we practice physical and mental comfort measures that we can use later on labour day. From week 38, I will be available 24/7 via call/text for you, and I can support you at home, the Ottawa Birth Centre or the hospital for labour.

Postpartum Doula Shift

After birth, both parent(s) and baby need a lot of support. I can do overnight but also daytime 8-hour shifts to help care for baby so that you can get some rest, or on a consultation basis – an informative session on infant care, breastfeeding techniques and restorative care for the parent who gave birth. I can also offer postpartum care to surrogate mothers to care for their bodies after childbirth.

What makes Nature’s Heartbeet different?

For any of the services above, I always do a comprehensive wellness assessment which then I analyse and use to determine the best approach for each client’s individual case, using nutrition, herbs and lifestyle changes that suit your needs and goals. My contracts are hybrid so that I can be your doula as well as your nutritionist.