Alex James

Hospitals Served: Michael Garron, Toronto East, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, North York Hospital, St. Joseph's, Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Sunnybrook, Toronto, Toronto Birth Center

Services Offered: Postpartum Doula

Greetings! I’m Alex, and I’m a postpartum doula and nutritionist in downtown Toronto.

I love supporting families in the first weeks after birth. In my practice I’m continually inspired by traditional postpartum care around the world. I believe all birthing parents can have an amazing postpartum experience, where they are honoured, celebrated, rested, and well fed!

I trained as doula in 2017 and prior to that I completed a holistic nutrition program. So I have a special interest in serving you healing postpartum foods – as well as supporting your healing overall, with things like belly binding, gentle touch/massage, listening to you, and generally creating a relaxing environment in which to rest and feed your baby. I can, of course, support you with feeding, baby care, providing information and resources, or lending a helping hand with laundry!

Please feel welcome to visit my website at – and reach out if you’d like to have a chat.