Baby Helping Hands

Hospitals Served: Georgetown Hospital, Joseph Brant Hospital, Milton District Hospital, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital

Services Offered: Postpartum Doula

Congratulations. Your body will or has done the most amazing thing gave birth. It is difficult to recover when the care of your bab(ies) is a 24/7 job. This is a huge life adjustment. What support do you need? Not every Postpartum Doula is the right fit. Find out if Baby Helping Hands is the right company for your family.  We care for Baby and Parents. Together We Safely Laugh, Cry, Heal, Energize and Learn.

Do you need assistance with recovery for you and baby? No time and energy to read baby development and self-care resources, want “need to know now” information? Are you exhausted physically and mentally? Is this affecting your relationship with your partner(s). Are you feeling lonely, sad or frustrated? Are you struggling to figure out how to keep prebaby life?

My name is Sherri Phillips. As a Mother I have experienced some of what you may be going through. I am Founder/Owner of Baby Helping Hands, certifying Postpartum Doula and Registered Early Childhood Educator.

My Story:

  • 1st child New Mom in foreign country, 2nd child in Ontario, age of 39 – No close family support except for my awesome husband
  • Breastfeed every 2 hours for 9 months, second baby fell asleep at breast, struggled with transitioning to bottle.
  • Napping was a disaster for both babies.
  • Suffered terrible Baby Blues. I felt isolated, sad and frustrated.

In 2015 I set out to make sure no parent would feel the way I felt raising my babies.

Baby Helping Hands focuses on the wellbeing of the whole family. We provide a safe space for diversity. No matter the makeup of your family or your cultural traditions we work with you to create a customized plan.

Our Services: We provide professional non-judgmental postpartum support In-Your Home and Virtually One on One.

*Provide Care for Baby and All Parents

* Reduce Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

* Take away Stigma, Shame, Guilt

* Eliminate Loneliness

* Provide Guidance with Feeding, Sleep, Crying and Recovery Strategies

* Provide You Me Time – You deserve it!