Balancing Birth Baby

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Hospitals Served: Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Grand River Hospital, Groves Memorial Hospital, Guelph General Hospital

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Education

I have been fascinated with pregnancy, birth, and babies for as long as I can remember. After the midwife-assisted home birth of my daughter in 2005, I became interested in midwifery.

I worked for Blue Heron Midwives in Waterloo for five years as an administrator and to this day as an instructor in the clinic’s Connecting Pregnancy program.

I have worked as a prenatal educator in the KW area for many years. After the birth of my son in 2013, I became a certified Dancing For Birth instructor. And then in 2014 I embarked on a journey to become a Birthing From Within childbirth mentor and spent time in California in the Spring of 2016 to further my in-depth training. I have been deeply influenced by this program’s view of birth as an initiation into parenting and how to examine your fears of birth and parenting. I finished my DONA Doula training in 2019.

I am able to share a wealth of information based on my vast array of parenting experiences. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your pregnancy, birth, and parenting journey either in one of my prenatal classes or as a Doula client.

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