Little Noble Ones Doula Services

Company Name: Little Noble Ones Doula Services

Hospitals Served: Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill, Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, North York Hospital, Scarborough Health Network, St. Joseph's, Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto

Services Offered: Birth Doula

Hi, my name is Alina, owner and labour doula of Little Noble Ones Doula Services.  I am a Labour and Birth Doula serving mothers and families in the GTA, certified with Doula Training Canada.  As a labour and birth doula, I provide continuous emotional and physical, non-biased support during labour and birth for mothers, offering many options in making sure that they are the most comfortable during their labour.

I’ve always wanted to help women and babies, but didn’t know what it was called or that being a doula was a thing. I didn’t know how to offer my love for women and their babies. It made sense that what I have been searching for was to be a labour and birth doula, helping both mothers and their babies during pregnancies, labours and births with love, support, and encouragement; and proving the nurturing, loving, empathetic qualities that I have into my career as a labour and birth doula.  

As a doula, I want to make sure that the mothers I serve know that they are strong, fully capable of labour and birth, and have the power and strength in them to push past any hurdles to have the birth they want, and as their doula, I can help them see that.  They will have my full support in providing any and all comfort measures that would make them as comfortable as possible during their labours and births.

I feel blessed that as a doula, I am part of such a beautiful moment and environment called birth, where I am able to help enable mothers to help believe in themselves that they strong, beautiful and powerful.  Making moms feel loved, supported, cared for, and special during their labours and births is so rewarding. 

I’m excited to support, love and empower moms during this beautiful time and be part of many moms’ pregnancies and labours during their exciting chapter and journey into motherhood! 

I would love to be your doula and support you during this time.

Phone: (647) 988-6684
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