Namaste Doula Services

Hospitals Served: Joseph Brant Hospital, McMaster University Medical Center, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, St. Joseph's HealthCare, Hamilton

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Education


Welcome you have landed here because you have discovered that you expecting or have a beautiful baby both are amazing adventures to embark on! Confirming that you are pregnant brings with it a gamut of emotions. You’re probably experiencing the whole spectrum from crazy joy overwhelming love to extreme exhaustion. My goal is to help you navigate this new delicate landscape and make this transition smooth and enjoyable for you and your family. I truly believe parents deserve as much support as their newborn babies. I am committed to honoring your unique needs as well as providing practical information and resources that empower you to find what feels good for you and your family.

As a doula, I support you through your pregnancy and birth well into your fourth trimester the postpartum phase. I offer you and your family nurturing care so that this time will be a joyous journey, by helping you sort through the information overload with ease and grace knowing that you are fully supported and informed. This paves the way for you to create space in your daily life as well as allowing your attention to flow where it needs to go to you and your new baby.

I provide continuous care for pregnant and birthing people, babies and families. Evidence shows that birthing people who are supported by a doula have expressed experiencing a positive birth outcome. I have many comfort techniques to pull from my toolbox of experience to offer you when you are in labour from positional changes, to as a variety of breathing and mindful practices to chose from. I don’t replace your partner or your health care practitioner, midwife, nurses or medical staff. I am honoured to be a part of your birthing support team, so you can to birth your baby your way.

When we are supported it creates the capacity within us to nurture others. Research has shown that emotional and physical support significantly shortens labour and decreases the need for cesarean deliveries, forceps and vacuum extraction, oxytocin augmentation, and analgesia. Doula-supported birthing people also report childbirth as less difficult and painful than do birthing people not supported by a doula. The reported benefits include reductions in anxiety, positive feelings about their birth experience, and increased rates of breastfeeding initiation. Later postpartum benefits include decreased symptoms of depression, improved self-esteem, exclusive breastfeeding, and increased sensitivity of the mother to her child’s needs.

I truly believe that pregnancy, birth and the postpartum phase of life are sacred times for birthing people and their families full of massive transformation not only physically, mentally and spiritually but emotionally as well. There is so much information to consider and decisions to be made. I know that empowering parents through open kind caring resourceful support allows them to make confident choices. I strive to honor this process by ensuring supportive guidance and respect for your cultural beliefs as well as your unique needs. I know that a birthing person’s intuition is inimitably powerful trusting your body and the process that is unfolding is essential, unforeseen changes can happen
prenatal and postpartum preparation will help ensure you are making informed decisions. I support you all the while reminding you of how incredible you truly are. I don’t take the place of your partner or the medical staff, I am a part of your support team. When we are cared for and supported it creates the foundational capacity for us to care for and nurture others.

As well as being a prenatal educator labour birth, postpartum, and bereavement doula I am an empowerment coach. My favorite role is being a mother blessed with wonderful healthy children of my own. I have always been passionate about supporting families. My only goal is to support parents while they explore the beautiful transformation to parenthood.