Natalie Edward Yoga & Birth

Hospitals Served: Almonte Hospital, Montfort Hospital, Ottawa Hospital, Queensway Carleton, Winchester District Memorial Hospital

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Childbirth Education

I am a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher and a Certified Birth Doula(DONA).

I believe that every birthing person deserves access to unbiased support, enabling them to have a positive experience, regardless of how they birth.

This means that I am committed to providing you with the type of care that is always kind, informative and inclusive, whether you are hoping for a peaceful water birth at home, an “all-the-drugs-please” hospital birth, or elective cesarean. I am also committed to providing a safe space for people of all gender and sexuality expressions and identifications, as well as all cultures, religions and faiths.

Most importantly: Your Body, Your Birth. My primary objective is that you have the most positive birth experience possible.