NV Maternal Wellness

Company Name: https://www.nvmaternalwellness.com/

Hospitals Served: Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill, Markham-Stouffville Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, North York Hospital, Scarborough Health Network, St. Joseph's, Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Sunnybrook, Toronto, Toronto Birth Center

Services Offered: Birth Doula

Hi there, my name is Nikole & I am a Doula located in Toronto Canada. Virtually available worldwide.

MY PASSION IS is to ensure that every woman has the right to a healthy, supportive, and positive birth experience no matter what the circumstances are.

The first question I am asked is always “what made you become a doula?”

My story is very much out of this world. I am originally born in Zimbabwe. I lived there until I was a young adult. At the age of 20 I left the nest and moved to London United Kingdom where I spent most of my 20s living with my older sister. My brother was living in Canada at the time and my sister had a bright idea to head over to Canada on vacation for the birth of his second son. Why not I thought, its not too far plus we get to meet our second nephew. On the night of the birth my brother woke us up and told us it was time to head to the hospital. We thought it was going to be like what we see on TV. You know, family in the waiting room….. My brother comes out and invites us into the birthing room. My sister lets him know she would like to wait in the waiting room but I, curious, wanted to go in. This was my first ever experience in this kind a setting and I actually did not know what to do. Do I watch? Do I not? How do I help? The nurse automatically started using me to help with the little things. My sister in law was doing such an amazing inspiring job at going through the sensations of her birth.

Saving the rest of the story for when we meet in person…… 😉 The bottom line? WOW!!!! I was on a birth high when I left the hospital that night. I cannot describe the experience, how I felt or the amazingness that I did not even expect or imagine was possible. What a beautiful unforgettable moment that even now soooo many years later I can still see very clearly in my mind. That’s when I realized that this was truly my hearts cry. Digesting the birth over my Canadian visit I left to go back to the UK. Thinking and wondering how I could do something like that every.single.day. Time went on and I made a decision to move to Toronto Canada. Once I moved, I researched to try and figure out where exactly I was because I could not stop thinking about that experience. After extensive research and considering things like midwifery. DOULA kept finding me every time. I finally made my decision to push through and become a Doula.

Researching different aspects of birth, what comes with it, what women experience. I realized my actual belief is that every woman has the right to a healthy, supportive, and positive birth experience no matter what the circumstances are. I will go above and beyond to ensure you get the best birth possible for you.

Having the opportunity to volunteer in Tanzania Africa 2019 as a birth doula. My compassion and empathy towards clients is on another level. The trip left me at a loss for words. My heart & awareness grew, and I was able to deepen my Doula practice. The Tanzanian women are incredibly strong & very impowering.

Trained Birth & Postpartum Doula with Doula Canada

Advanced Comfort Measures Trained with Doula Canada

Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor with Ananda Yoga School

Certified Yoga Instructor with Ananda Yoga School

Spinning Babies Trained

Communication Skill for Breastfeeding Support  La Leche League Canada

20hr Breastfeeding Course York Region Community & Health Services

Registered member of Ontario Doula Association