Erika Matkovich – Postpartum Doula

Company Name:

Hospitals Served: Joseph Brant Hospital, McMaster University Medical Center, St. Joseph's HealthCare, Hamilton, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Erika Matkovich is a certified Greater Niagara Area Postpartum Doula who owns and operates The Maternal Sidekick.  She has a passion for the beautiful, messy, sleep deprived stage of when baby is earth side.   A mother of three kids under the age of 8, she understands the beauty and the chaos of adjusting to life after bringing home baby.  Over the years, she’s learnt to deal with adjusting expectations for herself and family to meet the ever-changing demands of reality.

Her mission is to help families transition in a way that leaves them feeling empowered and ready to take on the day (or the hour) with confidence for whatever life (or baby) flings at them.

New service: Capturing postpartum moments that matter to you.