Company Name: Tish The Doula

Hospitals Served: Etobicoke General - William Osler Health, Mackenzie Health, Richmond Hill, Michael Garron, Toronto East, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, North York Hospital, Royal Victoria Regional Health Care, Southlake Regional Hospital, St. Joseph's, Toronto, St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Sunnybrook, Toronto, Toronto Birth Center

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Education

I am a doula of color, who has been working with different cultural families through a non profit charity called Birthmark. I have also taken on other clients through my business and have worked virtually with a family in Columbia.

My guidance to people include unmedicated births, attendance of cesarean section births, home births, water births  and use of epidural births.

I feel that I am someone who adapts to what clients wants without asking. I have taken on developing a means that help people naturally in a comfort of their environment.

My main goal is to continue to be a benefit to single mothers, single dads, families of any form to help them in their journey of parenthood with resources that will benefit them in making a way to understanding parenthood.

I am also working on completing Childbirth Education.