Transition Postpartum Support

Company Name:

Hospitals Served: Hawkesbury Community Hospital

Services Offered: Postpartum Doula

Let me be your companion through your postpartum transition.

My name is Geneviève Desrochers.  As a postpartum doula/consultant and as a perinatal mental health advocate, I offer different services to better support you in your postpartum transition. 

My mission is:

  • to prepare you for your postpartum transition so that you can be more confident as a parent and feel well equipped to better take care of you (your physical and mental health) and your baby after birth
  • to support you when life gets challenging with your new baby
  • to offer different informative and interactive workshops focused on perinatal mental health so that you can be more informed and prepared to experience your postpartum transition.

​The transition into parenthood is challenging on many levels. Parents need to be well prepared for the postpartum period. They deserve to be nurtured and supported while going through this profound transformation. They need it even more if they are suffering from a postpartum mental illness. This is what I am here for. 

You can request a free consult with me to discuss my services.  If you have any questions, you can contact me any time.  I’ll be happy to answer them.

Geneviève Desrochers