Jessica Palmquist-Turquoise Compass Wellness: Fertility, Birth, Postpartum Doula & Yoga Teacher

Company Name: Turquoise Compass Wellness

Hospitals Served: Brockville General Hospital, Cornwall Community Hospital, Hawkesbury Community Hospital, Ottawa Hospital, Queensway Carleton, Winchester District Memorial Hospital, The Birth Centre Ottawa

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Jessica Palmquist understands unique family dynamics and non-traditional work schedules and is flexible and creative in her individualized approach to supporting clients. As an IVF parent, she is passionate about supporting individuals and families through life’s many journeys as they navigate through calm & stormy seas. As a knowledgeable certified Fertility Support Practitioner (Fertility Doula) – specializing in TTC & IVF, certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, and certified Yoga Teacher, Jessica provides customized virtual & in-person full-spectrum wrap-around wellness and Doula care pre and post baby. Wherever you are on your journey to parenthood, Jessica is gracious and honoured to work with you as your personal advocate. Jessica provides in-person and global virtual services.