Your Body

Company Name: Your Body

Hospitals Served: Cambridge Memorial Hospital, Credit Valley Hospital, Etobicoke General - William Osler Health, Georgetown Hospital, Guelph General Hospital, Milton District Hospital, Mississauga General, Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, William Osler Health - Brampton Civic

Services Offered: Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

Hi , My name is Kassandra Duffy and at Your Body we know that everyones reproductive journey is their own, and  we want to support you on your journey how ever you see fit. We are non-judgemental and support all people, all options, all families and all outcomes.

all people including LGBTQ2++ , BIPOC, etc.

all families including Gay, big, small, hetrosexual, open, poly, donor, surrogate, etc.

all options including the options of provider, place of birth, abortion, etc.

all outcomes, live birth, termination, relinquishment, miscarriages, etc.

We serve the GTA for all your Prenatal, Labour  and postpartum Doula needs

Our Mission

To provide credible, and evidence-based information, physical comfort, emotional support, and motivation for self-advocacy to clients and their families, in an effort to make every parent-to-be, birth giver, birthing partner and new parent feel good about their choices and supported in those decisions.

Our Vision

That all pregnant, new parents and babies will have a community where they can come together to learn and be provided with a quality of care that leaves them feeling healthy, happy, and wonderfully looked after during pregnancy, birth and during the post partum period.