Member Benefits

What is the AOD Membership Advantage?

Your Membership will include:

  • A network of collaborative colleagues and ongoing strategy to build relationships with provincial stakeholders
  • Monthly continuous learning events with experienced persons in their field
  • The opportunity to share your voice for the professional development of doulas in the province of Ontario.
  • A listing in the Association of Ontario Doulas Directory
  • A certificate of membership for the current membership year
  • $1 million each of commercial general and professional liability insurance, with options to purchase up to $5 million in coverage.  The best rate organizational rate available!
  • The option to opt into independent health insurance coverage at a negotiated discount for AOD members
  • Regular Association of Ontario Doulas newsletters and updates on practice guidelines and industry changes
  • The option to collaborate with like-minded professional doulas through group forums, sub-committees series, and other special events
  • Participation in the Association of Ontario Doulas Annual General Meeting, speaker
  • The option to receive a quarterly subscription to Eco Parent

The AOD has set a minimum number of hours for a training/ certification to qualify for membership.

The AOD membership criteria have been set to ensure professional learning has been a part of each of our member’s development as a doula.  If your previous training/ certification does not meet the set training hours outlined below please contact the AOD for suggestions related to cross-certification or alternative options for meeting our membership criteria.

Training Criteria

The current criteria for membership are under review as per our 2-year audit if you are interested in becoming a member or having your organization recognized please email

Association of Ontario Doulas is not affiliated with any organization.