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Your Membership will include:

  • A network of collaborative colleagues and stakeholders
  • Monthly continuous learning events with experienced persons in their field
  • The opportunity to share your voice for professional development of doulas in the province of Ontario.
  • A listing in the Association of Ontario Doulas Directory
  • A certificate of membership for the current membership year
  • A badge template that can be printed and used as proof of membership
  • $1 million each of commercial general and professional liability insurance, with options to purchase up to $5 million in coverage.  The best rate organizational rate available!
  • The option to opt into independent health insurance coverage at a negotiated discount for AOD members
  • Regular Association of Ontario Doulas newsletters and updates on practice guidelines and industry changes
  • The option to collaborate with like-minded professional doulas through group forums, sub-committees, and Board discussion
  • Participation in the Association of Ontario Doulas Annual General Meeting, speakers series, and other special events
  • The option to receive a quarterly subscription to Eco Parent

The AOD has set a minimum number of hours for a training/ certification to qualify for membership and is open to accepting all trainings that meet the outlined criteria listed below.  

The AOD membership criteria has been set to ensure professional learning has been a part of each of our member’s development as a doula.  If your previous training/ certification does not meet the set training hours outlined below please contact the AOD for suggestions related to cross-certification or alternative options for meeting our membership criteria.

Please note: the AOD does not accept self-taught doulas at this time.


(A)  Hours of instructional learning, ONE of the following:

  • In-person (min. of 16 instructional hours, training certificate required);
  • Online (min. of 20 instructional hours (e.g. webinars, online video/audio, mentoring.  A certificate of completion for the training is required);
  • Mentorship or Traditional Birth Attendant

(B) Topics of Learning in training/ certification must include (minimum – additional topics may be included, provided they fall within the Practice Guidelines of the AOD):

  • Doula Scope of Practice or similar that is limited to non-medical practice and support
  • A Doula Code of Ethics
  • A Social Media Code
  • History of Doulas
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion policy and instructional component
  • Advocacy, anti-oppression, and decolonization in birth work
  • The Role of a Labour or Postpartum Doula
  • Inter professional relations and the doula role in building bridges with all health care providers
  • Communication
  • Prenatal support and the doulas role
  • Comfort measures in labour with hands on learning
  • Emotional support during labour
  • Supporting second stage
  • Challenges and special circumstances in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and the doulas role in supporting them
  • Support Cesarean Sections and VBACS
  • Pain management theory.  Medicalized options and the doulas role
  • Initial chestfeeding support
  • Postpartum recovery for the new mum and infant
  • Minimum doula business support and getting started

(C) Have a required reading list with a minimum of one book from each of the following categories:

  • Birth and pregnancy
  • Doulas
  • Chest feeding
  • Special circumstances – e.g. grief and loss, postpartum mood disorders, vaginal birth after caesarean, etc.

(D) A required certification program that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attendance /audit of a chest-feeding class (in-person or online)– minimum two hours with proof of attendance 
  • Experiential work requirement with a minimum of three clients with evaluations or equivalent by client and/or HCP
  • Evaluation of knowledge via an exam, essay or equivalent.  Traditional birth attendants may submit professional letters of reference and evaluations in lieu of a set exam or equivalency test.  Please contact membership@ontariodoulas.org for further information.